Murtajiz Manpower

Overseas Employment Promoters, Rawalpindi Pakistan
We are having processed information for thousands of semi-skilled and skilled workers with the aid of our data bank. We keep always augmenting the data bank through process of continuous conducting of trade/skill and interviews round the year. Sometimes we get additional workforce through local factories, Ministry of Labors, vocational institutes and other affiliated agencies. Dependent on the circumstances of the case, we sometimes with the proper approval of the authorities concerned, do advertise relative vacancies in newspapers, radio and TV.


We compile the Bio-Data for the workers, incorporating there in the comprehensive information retaining to the worker’s past tract record sets. Bio-Data compiles the initial screening of the application is conducted.

When the preliminary careening is over the individual applicant is given an oral interview by our interviewing staff having experience in the same trade/skills. The interviewer’s observations / recommendations there after entered on the appropriate places of the application. As the case might require, the applicant is then asked for the written test. After the written test, trade/Skill testing is conducted. This is very critical step where the applicant’s skill is actually tested and verified under the conditions at the site of principal. The overseas principle or his authorized representative is always welcome to participate the final trade / skill testing of the workers.

Now, after it is ascertained that a worker has the required knowledge, skill and inertia to perform the required job, prior to his final selection the following points are take care of:

  • Background, Social Conduct, Behavior, Self Confidence, Verbal ability, Involvement in the political activities, Capacity for self-reflection belief in personal efficiency etc.
  • Psychological testing in case of high skilled and professionals.
  • Detailed medical certification including chest X-ray, blood/urine test, V.D check etc.
  • The final selection of the applicant is done by unanimous decision of placement committee. Testing and interviewing staff and the representative of the overseas principle.


Prior to dispatch of any worker whether janitorial or tradesman everybody is to attend the orientation course. The purpose of this course is to explain the workers his

  • Job Specification
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Job Duties
  • Working Hours, salary, overtime, leave, accommodation
  • What he should do and what not during the continuance of the employment

The duration of orientation program is

  • For janitorial 10 Hours
  • For tradesmen 15 Hours

The orientation media are

  • Audio visual aids
  • Individual lectures


We are capable of organizing a dispatch of above 500 workers including tradesmen and unskilled workers with in the period of 30 – 45 days after receiving the legal documents. As a part of feedback information, we always notify our principal well advance, as to the flight of the workers to keep them sufficiently posted.


We provide our clients with different sort of backup and support services like

  • Our representative will visit the job sites and offices of the employer once in every six months to assist them on various personnel related affairs. If required, earlier visits are also possible. Such visits boast up the morale of the workers.
  • If necessary, we will provide the services of all money transfer between the worker and his family including bank account operations.