Murtajiz Manpower

We are pleased to introduce as one of the most experienced organizations engaged in the recruitment of Manpower from Pakistan, having a valid overseas employment promoters license (License # OP&HRD/3839/RWP/2016) issued on 01-Jan-2016 By the government of Pakistan. Murtajiz Manpower offers a specialist service in providing contracting staffing at all levels, client companies during periods of workload, or for specific projects where individuals or teams are required for a limited period.

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It creates an effective and educated workforce, leading to a sense of community. We consider this imperative to success. We work together as a team, while also working closely with clients and candidates to achieve optimum results.


Responsibility at Murtajiz we understand the responsibility we have to our clients and candidates alike. Both retention and commitment are crucial to enhance profitable growth for you our client


The consultants at Murtajiz guarantee exceptional customer service. They hold clients requests at the core of their recruiting practice. Customer satisfaction is vital.


Established: 01-Jan-2016

Organization Type: A Limited Company


The company has four departments facilitating the operation of the Murtajiz Manpower these includes:

  1. Public Relations Department
  2. Trade Department
  3. Accounts Department
  4. Marketing Departments


The specific group of persons that come in our direct vision interested for our services is enlisted below:

  • Electricians
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Doctor / Para-Medical staff etc.
  • Professors and Teaches.
  • Others

We search for the best

To provide the best skilled manpower is our main focus and target. For this we search fro the best workers from the whole lot of candidates.
    • Birds eye view to search the skilled manpower75%

Fully managed and planned procedures

to provide the best worker we process the candidate through a series of planned and manged procedures so that he can be an effective employee for you in future.
    • Processing of candidate through a systematized procedure.90%


Fully Satisfied Clients

Our clients are fully satisfied from our services as we have provided them the best and skilled manpower.


Highly Skilled Manpower

The tradesman that we have provided to ou clients are performing fully effectively and efficiently and acting as a source of best output for the company.